Best Female Gyms Amsterdam (Vrouwen Sportschool)

Routinely listed as one of the world’s healthiest cities, it is no surprise that Amsterdam offers thousands of gyms and fitness clubs. Since moving here last year, it has been hard not to feel inspired to become more involved in this community and push myself about my health. We have covered the Best Gyms Amsterdam and Padel. However, I struggle in mixed gyms, particularly in the weight areas. Therefore, I have compiled a list of my favorite female gyms (vrouwen sportschool) in Amsterdam to support all the ladies moving to the city.

Trainmore Ladies Only – Female Gym Amsterdam West 

A premium gym chain that expands across the Netherlands, the TrainMore brand has opened up a ladies’ only location in Amsterdam West – Bos & Lommer. Continuing its high standards, it offers a polished environment for Weights, Classes, and Cardio. As a wide chain, they offer the membership option of accessing multiple gym locations across the country, ideal for those who travel – although there is only one ladies-only gym in the chain currently.

In addition to the flexible location options provided and its availability of Classpass, they offer a 1EUR saving deal. Receive a Euro off of your fees for each time you attend. A great motivation if it was ever needed. 

Femme Gym – Female Gym Amsterdam West

This little spot is a vibrant and empowering gym with a powerful punch for its relatively small space. Femme Gym’s locations are split across two locations along the same street, allowing it to offer a more significant number and a broader range of classes compared to others, spanning from Pilates, Yoga, and Barre to Boxing, Powershape (weights), and Spinning. Additionally, as a non-dutch speaker, it has been a welcoming club to enter. It offers a complete cardio room, weight room, e-gym (alternative to traditional weight machines), sauna, personal trainers, and a café to congregate at post-workout. Femme Gym is seen on both Classpass v Onefit.

Only4Ladies – Female Gym Amsterdam Oost

Opening in 2005, this little spot has created a great community in the Oost area. It isn’t the biggest gym in Amsterdam, offering a large classroom, weight area, cardio area, and sauna. However, it is one of the most welcoming. With patrons from their early 20s to their late 70s, local Dutchies to nearly every other nation, it is one of the most diversely attended gyms. Only4Ladies ensures a welcoming atmosphere for all. 

BBB – Female Gym Oost & West 

3 women shown in glass pods doing Pilates moves

Not a gym but a “health boutique – Inner Beauty, Body Workouts and Lifestyle Balance (BBB). Aiming to support each segment of your lifestyle, it provides a safe space to explore more unusual workouts. In addition to Barre, Pilates, Zoom classes, Strength Training, and multiple Yoga forms, it offers a wide range of Hot Cabin workouts. These workouts in a heated capsule aim to support your fitness goals. They are one of the female gyms that most flag their age range of options, explicitly calling out approaches for new mums, menopausal, pregnant, or injured members. 

A proud feature of BBB is their openness to new mums. Promoting a “bring your baby” motto encourages new mothers to bring in their babies and continue their workouts while meeting other new parents. 

The Women AMS – Female Gym De Pijp / Zuid 

two images of free weights on the left side and on the right side grey yoga mats with a candle lit in the corner

Dancing along the edge of Zuid and De Pijp, The Women AMS is a gym with a holistic approach. Structured on the pillars of Physical Health, Mental Health, and Nutrition, it has offers outside of just fitness. Weekly 1-1 coaches to support your mental health and personalised nutrition plans alongside a mix of classes – Pilates, Yoga, and Strength training with a maximum of 8 women per class to ensure a personal approach. This is a pricier option. However, it aims to support a lifestyle, not just a fitness plan. 

An important note for this gym is that it is the clearest in accepting anyone who identifies as female. This may be the case in the other locations; however, The Women AMS has stated this the clearest. 

Basic Fit Ladies – Female Gyms Across the City 

series of treadmills and ellipticals with an orange background

Offering three locations across the city (Sloterpark, Overtoom, Rai), Basic Fit is a European-wide chain that offers fuss-free fitness. Providing a mix of Weights, Classes, Cardio, Personal Trainers, and Physio, they offer the most in a Virtual Gym, with the option of online personal trainers, Virtual classes, and access to Virtual cycling sessions (group and personal). Alongside completely only Female Gyms, Amsterdam WFC offers a ladies-only room – the same is provided in other locations outside of Amsterdam. Offering a private space to access free weights and other machines. Ideal for those who like the mixed social element of the gym but may desire private spaces for some workouts. 

The Basic Fit gym chain offers the most female-only gym locations at one of the more affordable price points. Like Trainmore, it also provides membership options, allowing access to multiple locations and is available on Classpass.

Courtney is a young professional living in Amsterdam for the last four years. She is always on the hunt for local favorites in Amsterdam and across the Netherlands!