Best 6 Online Shopping Netherlands Sites

Netherlands Online shopping is great but can be overwhelming when you first move abroad. There are a lot of local sites specific to the Netherlands. The beginner’s guide below summarize the most common and best sites to use for Online Shopping Netherlands.

bol.com logo - best everything online shopping netherlands - logo with blue text on white background


Bol.com – Best Everything Online Shopping Netherlands

Bol.com is the best site by far in the Netherlands. It is the Dutch equivalent of Amazon. Similar to Amazon they have millions of products with very short delivery times. They also partner with Albert Heijn for delivery and returns making it super easy. They have free shipping over 20 euros but also have a “prime” like program called Select. They have everything from toys for your dog to gym equipment.

The site is in Dutch so installing the Google Translate chrome extension is a life saver. See section below, if you do not have it already. I will also use google translate to see the name of the product in Dutch to search.

cool blue logo - best electronics online shopping netherlands; logo is a orange circle on a blue background


Coolblue – Best Electronics Online Shopping Netherlands

Coolblue is the Best Buy of the Netherlands. They have everything from laptops to washing machines and hairdryers to blenders. The customer service is excellent. They have order today deliver tomorrow offer on most products.

Their website is in English and they have a great product comparison feature. We ordered countless things from here including our washer, dryer, air fryer, coffee maker, and vacuum. Even a safe for when we renting our apartment on Airbnb Amsterdam.

amazon.com logo - black text with yellow arrow on white background


Amazon also exists in the Netherlands but is much smaller here than bol.com. It was just launched a few years ago and is growing year by year to have more items at faster times. A great website without much need for further explanation.

zalando logo - black text with orange arrow on white background


Zalando – Best Online Shopping Netherlands Clothes

Zalando is an online Clothing platform with all the major brands.  The largest selection of fashion clothing brands. Discover more than 2000 fashion and beauty brands and easily shop online with free delivery and returns.

media markt logo - red text on a white background


Mediamarkt is a massive consumer electronics store and website. They offer thousands of products and fast delivery either in store or at home. They are the largest retailer of consumer electronics in Europe.

picnic logo - white text on red background


Picnic- Best Online Grocery Shopping Netherlands

Picnic is a grocery delivery service.  They call themselves a Supermarket on wheels with always low prices, always delivered for free, and always super fresh. All the major grocery stores also have delivery services through Albert Heijn, Jumbo or Lidl.