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Exploring One of Amsterdam’s Hidden Gems: Straat Museum

While famous art museums like the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum attract thousands of visitors, the inspiring Straat Museum is a lesser-known gem. Amsterdam is known for its bicycles, beautiful canals, and historic architecture, but it is also a city that holds artistic surprises around every corner. The Straat Museum is a museum dedicated to celebrating street art. It will inspire and bring you to one of Amsterdam’s unique neighborhoods, Amsterdam Noord. 

Straat museum - Amsterdam's hidden gem

Discovering the Straat Museum

The Straat Museum means “Street Museum” in Dutch. The museum is in a massive, converted warehouse in Amsterdam Noord. Before entering, admire the smiling Anne Frank by Eduardo Kobra, Famous Brazilian Street Artist. 

As you walk in, the larger-than-life street art pieces greet you from every angle. The museum holds over 150 massive pieces, each with its own story. The museum has an inclusive and casual feeling, making it an enjoyable experience to wander around. The museum is so massive that you can completely escape the city’s crowds.

Unveiling Stories through Art

Each artwork in the Straat Museum carries its own narrative, offering insight into the artist’s perspective and the issues that inspire them. From social commentaries to abstract expressions of emotion, the murals encapsulate stories that transcend language barriers, inviting viewers to reflect and engage.

Exploring Amsterdam Noord

The beauty of the Straat Museum lies not only in its art but also in its ability to lead you to corners of Amsterdam you might not have explored otherwise. Spend some time strolling around Noord, Amsterdam’s hipster artistic neighborhood. Take the free ferry outside Central Station towards Buiksloterweg. The ferry takes only a few minutes to cross over to Noord and comes every 10 minutes. We recommend eating at THT, which has fantastic food and cocktails with a beautiful view overlooking Amsterdam Central. 

Practical Information

Visiting the Straat Museum is a self-guided adventure, allowing you to set your own pace. The museum is large so you will do a bit of walking to see all the pieces. Make sure to go to the panorama terrace to get a better look at the street art that is higher up. The warehouse can get chilly in the winter, so dress accordingly. There is also a café on site. Take the free ferry outside Central Station towards Buiksloterweg. The ferry takes only a few minutes to cross over to Noord and comes every 10 minutes.


The Straat Museum is a unique and inspiring museum we always recommend to our friends. It provides an entirely unique experience exploring today’s art compared to the rest of Amsterdam, highlighting centuries-old art and architecture. So, next time you’re in Amsterdam and looking to plan your Amsterdam Itinerary, trade the well-trodden paths for the offbeat alleys and let the Straat Museum guide you on an artistic journey like no other. Our Amsterdam’s Hidden Gem’s Series continues with Fabrique des Lumieres.

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