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How to eat prawns in Costa Brava

Costa Brava is my favorite place in Spain, but I guess you knew that already. One reason for this, if not THE reason for this, is the delicious food in Costa Brava. Here you’ll find countless excellent restaurants like the best restaurant in the world “El Celler de can Roca”. It seems like EVERYONE in Costa Brava can cook. And for sure sea food is on top of every menu. To be honest, I think prawns taste different in Costa Brava. Better.

prawns in costa brava

And the Catalans do have a very special way to eat prawns. I tried it. And didn’t like it. BUT many people do like it and so I think everyone should at least try it. I will show you how to eat prawns in Costa Brava style. (Not to mention the giggling part when they say: “Suck the head and lick the finger”.)

My friend Jimmy Pons from Rutas Menorca volunteered as demo model, so here we go…

First you take the prawn (called Gamba in Spanish) and separate the head from the body. Peel the body and enjoy the prawn meat. Then you take the head, put it in your mouth and suck it.

Yes, exactly. Suck the head out. Completely. Including brain and everything. I thought it was disgusting, but many many people say it’s the best part of the prawn. What’s next?

Lick the finger. If you want you can also suck the prwan’s butt. But ehm, that’s your decision.

But that’s how you eat prawns in Costa Brava: Suck the head and lick the finger. Shamed be he who thinks naughty of it. Definitely have it with some Spanish Wine if you are over the drinking age in Spain.

Disclaimer: I was invited on this trip by Costa Brava tourism board. Same people who forced me to suck the head of a prawn when I’ve been there the first time.

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